Marketing and E-commerce site for chain of luxury waxing salons


Strip needed a complete overhaul of their site, both visually and functionally. The original site didn’t match up with the luxury image they are trying to portray.

The site needed to better drive customers through the appointment booking funnel, make the shop more prominent and checkout process more intuitive. There needed to be more space for promotional material, drive email sign-ups and build social networks.


I was responsible for the end-to-end delivery of the new site – UX, design, front and back end development.

The old site’s IA was flattened and simplified. Responsive wireframes were created with initial usability tests done via a prototype. The ‘design’ layer was then added, re-tested and presented to the client.

A responsive WordPress theme was developed with Woocommerce running the shop. A third-party booking engine was integrated to manage appointments. The entire site can be content managed and I ran a training day so the key staff members knew how to update and run the site effectively.


After going live with the new site, there has been a 10% increase in bookings made through the site and a 300% increase in online product sales.

Client: Strip
Date: May 2016
Services: UX, Design, Front-end build, Back-end build
Strip Screens
Strip screenshot
Strip screenshot
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strip sketches