eCommerce UX & UI Design


Rowan sell wool yarns and knitting patterns and had a need for a fresher, more youthful brand image. Keen to tap in to the new trend of younger people taking up knitting, they wanted this realised through a new digital presence.

The key to achieving this was through offering inspirational designs, patterns and articles and utilising strong fashion photography. This could then be used to improve user engagement and revenue.


We followed a thorough UX process through research and analysis and used this to establish an optimal IA. Sketches and wireframes were then developed into a prototype which helped us to solve some tricky UI challenges around the eCommerce section of the site.

This was used as a foundation for the full site design which was refined and optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop breakpoints.

rowan logo
Client: Rowan
Date: Jan 2017
Services: UX, UI Design
rowan screenshot
rowan screenshot